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Venice Lido

With more than 12 kilometers of beach, the Lido is one of the main summer destinations in Italy. It is located east of Venice, 10 minutes by vaporetto.
At the beginning of the twentieth century the Lido was a fashionable destination in Europe and its beach was frequented by artists and writers. Today, however, it is a massified beach, but which, due to the presence of a bathing area, perfectly completes a summer trip to Venice.
The Lido is the place where the Venice Film Festival is celebrated. This famous event takes place every year between the last week of August and the first of September.


How to reach the Lido:


  • line 1 from Venice
  • line 2 from Venice
  • line 5.2 from Venice
  • line 6 from Venice P.le Roma
  • line 18 from Murano (from May to September)